Publicação: Telehealth and health teleducation using mobile platforms – UNA-SUS Amazon


Evento: 11th Annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference – INTED 2017

Ano: 2016

Tipo: Apresentação pôster

Idioma da publicação: Inglês

Resumo: The UNA-SUS (SUS Open University) project aims to meet training needs and continuing education of health professionals working in the SUS (Health Unic System), offering courses with dynamic perspective using trivial clinical events. But, one of the characteristics of UNA-SUS courses up until then was online access, making it difficult to professional connection of the most remote and underserved areas, specifically in isolated municipalities, indigenous areas and throughout the Legal Amazon. Because of this problem was implemented the UNA-SUS Amazon project, which seeks to including mobile applications, that provide educational resources offline. The solution is based on local data storage and synchronization (upload and download) when avaible connection, always taking interactive technologies, such as virtual reality environments and extended reality.

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